CRANIUM Tour 01 Concert Preview - Grand Rapids

Update: Sir Michael Rocks will now be performing at the show. One night only, pull up. The CRANIUM Tour 01 Concert in Grand Rapids, Michigan is going to be a night for the youth. Below are previews of the sounds that will be heard at show. 

The concert is co-headlined by Soulection-backed Grand Rapids based artist Waldo, AWGE affiliated Atlanta based artist Uno The Activist, and Ohio based artist Insomniac LAMB$. We also connected with rising artists based out of Michigan to bring the city together and showcase the diverse music scene. The concert will take place at the premier venue of West Michigan, The Intersection, on Friday, April 1st and limited pre-sale tickets can be purchased via MUUV.

Check out the tracks below, cop a ticket, and join CRANIUM. It’s going to be crazy.